AirBnB Experience

Reset in city

Dive into your inner senses (smell, sight, soul, taste).
Explore the road less traveled.
Feel the strength of your heartbeat.
Revitalize with nature.
You don’t have to go far to enjoy what the Emerald City has to offer. 
Reconnect with nature.
Reconnect with yourself.
See things differently. 
Embrace the journey.
See with new eyes.
Savor the little things.
Walk with purpose.
Soar to new heights.
Share your wealth.
Go back to your intentions.
Smell the flowers.
Smell the trees.
Walk with mindfulness
Discover neighborhood treats.
Enjoy the adventure.
Embrace the experience.
Gift yourself your Present 
Reset in the city — with me!

Refresh and revitalize your inner self walking through the urban forest of some iconic neighborhood in Seattle.

Reboot, reset, restart.
Take on the challenge, unwrap your gift, enjoy your Present —reset in the city.

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Live your Present
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