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Enjoy your PRESENT & Seattle offers a morning #miniRetreat full of inspiring conversations, mindfulness lessons, mindful practice, guided meditation, urban/Inner-Harmony balance, relaxing observation, and refreshing real life examples of altruism.

Lady thanking a tree during a wellness class in the Pacific Northwest.

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Grant yourself a quick reset in the middle of the Urban Jungle.
Dive into your inner senses in the heart of Seattle: smell, see, feel, taste with your beginners mind.

Practice mindfulness meditation on the path less traveled.
Feel the strength of your heartbeat.
Feel the strength of your breath.
Reconnect with nature.

Reconnect with yourself.
Enjoy the hidden gems the Emerald City has to offer.
Revitalize in the chaos.

Restart with a fresh perspective.
See things differently after self-care.
Learn wellness tools to embrace the inner journey.
Create new ways of seeing things.

Savor the little things.
Walk with purpose.
Soar to new heights.
Acknowledge your strength.

Go back to your intentions.
Smell the flowers.
Smell the trees.
Embody mindfulness
Discover Seattle neighborhood treats.
Enjoy the adventure in the Pacific Northwest.
Embrace the mindfulness experience.
Give yourself your PRESENT

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 Live your Present