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I’m glad you finally made it. I know you want to enjoy your life thoroughly.

And, you should!

For me, it’s been a long journey…but —along the way— I figured out some ways to make it easier. That’s great news for you!

This is the type of stuff I would’ve loved to have when I began my journey (ten years ago) towards this life-long Presentness Practice.

To make your journey easier, I offer:

>>>Inspirational content on various social media outlets, including: Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

>>>Guided audio meditations on YouTube & SoundCloud.

>>>An “Into to Meditation Practice” course. Available here.

>>>An immersive experience. Which includes a morning with me, followed by a seven day challenge, ending witch a phone conference to go over your results.

>>>And, a blog that includes a whole bunch of other misc. resources; i.e. movies, magazine, book reviews and articles that offer key advice and knowledge that will guide you further along your life of fully enjoying your PRESENT.

Being PRESENT in your daily life helps you find the peace and harmony within to be able to LIVE EVERYDAY to the fullest.


Enjoy every moment, fully —it’s your Present ❤ 

A website, a Podcast, the best material on your social media stream —all helpful ways to help you to live your best life!

Join us as we practice being present in every moment, everyday.

Because life is a present, and it’s time to live yours.

Start your journey, here.


Live your present.