An experience and an experiment.

the experience:

By using wonderful present-day resources such as AirBnB Experiences I am able to host two wonderful adventures (including: enjoy your PRESENT & Seattle, and mindful loop round Seattle Urban Jungle). Through these experiences I am able to meet wonderful individuals from all over the world. These wonderful people and I get to share a wonderful time together; magic happens and our lives are forever enhanced. There’s self-discovery, urban discovery, and so many other hidden jewels. More about the experience…

Live your Present

the experiment:

Through the magic of the World Wide Web I am able to host a different kind of experience, I call it the experiment. In total there are seven levels. Each level last seven days —it’s a manageable commitment. And you may attempt each level as many times as you’d like before moving on to the next one.

begin level one, here.

Live your Present

it’s time to enjoy your Present.


Live your Present


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