enjoy your PRESENT

Diverse group enjoying pizza after an evening of mindfulness lessons and yoga practice by 7daysPRESENT AirBnB Experiences

we live in a world of abundance.

if you’re reading this, you don’t have an issue with lack. You have wi-fi, you have electricity, you are not struggling with the elements to survive.

we conquered the elements.

we can harness water, fire, wind, food…all with the touch of a button. We don’t even have to click anything; not only do we have a plethora of touch-screens, we also have Siri and Alexa and Google and whatever else—does Microsoft have an A.I.?

off topic.

back to the point: our only issue nowadays is the Inner Struggle. 

yes, we have enough. No, we don’t need more.

How in the world do we enjoy all we have?

use mindfulness, meditate on your solutions

Friends, family, gadgets, a wonderful city, community, nature, even work…it’s essential to make the time to enjoy all of these things. It’s necessary to practice.

7daysPresent offers ways for you to practice.

in partnering with AirBnB Experiences we are able to provide mindfulness and meditation lessons right in the city of Seattle. As part of our 7-day Series we offer morning #miniMindfulnessRetreats and evening #miniYogaRetreats all with aims to help you create new space within you.

Young beautiful woman exercise mindfulness in the dense Seattle urban forest.

Imagine space for true happiness, gratitude, relaxation, and joy. Allow yourself the time for self-care. Grant yourself some self-kindness. Give yourself some self-love.

Even if it’s once a year, once a month, every week—if you’re blessed—everyday take the time to practice enjoying your PRESENT.

Rejoice in the life you helped create.

What will you co-author in the next decade? What wonderful possibilities will you embrace from 2020 onward? for help with unveiling your own answers check out the experiences we offer securely on AirBnB (here).


There are other wonderful wellness AirBnB Experiences in Seattle that we recommend (check them out here). For Vancouver experiences click here.

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If you're not in Portland, Vancouver, Bainbridge, Tacoma, Bellevue, Olympia, Redmond, Kirkland, Renton, SeaTac, Issaquah, Walla Walla, or anywhere else in the Pacific Northwest we have a 7dayPRESENT online series coming up. Be the first to get the new release, sign-up to learn when it comes out!

Live your Present

enjoy your Present.


Live your Present


Female people making meditation lotus pose choosing a healthy lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest.

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