What is being Present?

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Being Present is living in the moment, not your phone, not in your head… not thinking about tomorrow, or yesterday.
When you are Present you are fully engaged with the world around you, with your activity, with whatever you are doing —with your LIFE.
Your one and only life.
When you are Present. You can see 360° around you, you can smell nature’s sweetness, feel the swift, smooth currents of air, and nothing is talking inside of your head.
There are no distractions.  When you are Present you are aware of your breath, you are aware of your heartbeat, you are aware of the energy around you. You are able to experience the only thing that’s REAL, THIS mOMENt. The past is only a compilation of fragmented memories, the future is not a promise. RIGHT NOW, THIS BREATH, that is your Present. It is your gift.
Breath in life, breath out life. Inhale energy, exhale energy.
Flow into the frequency you want to be tuned into.
Enjoy it.
Be thankful for every breath of it.
I am grateful. All is well. And all was well.

“Being present just takes being in each moment. Its manageable bits. “

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