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I’d love to die in a harmonious world.
I think that inner harmony comes from our relationship with nature. When Nature hurts, we hurt.

Wildlife pain resonates, it travels through vibrations we are not able to perceive yet we feel it in our hearts.

When they hurt, we hurt.
Nature, plants, animals and children hold so much energy around them. A child’s energy is especially abundant. So their pain is especially particular, it bounces and jumps from one place to the other. We may not perceive it, but we feel it all around. It’s in our own discomfort.
It’s in our own pain.

Sometimes there’s childhood pain we’ve never ever dealt with…

Pain is so suffocating.
But sometimes it serves some sort of comfort. Especially for those of us that grew up in a chaotic household. Some of us forget to break the cycle, direct our own lives, create our own new level of comfortable.
How many conversations must turn to complaints before we dare stop repeating the same old story? Do I dare be brave, do I dare live a most fulfilling existence. Happy, healthy, in harmony with Nature. Complete with Inner Peace connected to Source and all there is; this moment. Right now.
I am relaxed. I am at peace. I am content. I am satisfied. I am happy. I am one with each and every moment.

Never why not…always why YES?

I am enough. I see beautiful things (in nature) everyday. I hear beautiful things (nature or nothing, just the quiet of my mind). I smell delicious things (food, plants, essential oils). Every inhale and revitalize, every exhale I share life. Deeply, fully, always connected with this eternal circle of Life. I can taste it.
Thanks for reading. Namaste.


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