Yogi musings II

Yogi utility belt tools

There’s a million things I could be thinking of, I am thinking about this because…

…because I want it to be real?

..because it’s most important?

.because it deserves all of my attention?

because there’s no better way to use my energy —no better thing for me to be thinking about?

What about the PRESENT.

The Here, the Now.

This moment.


Listen. Take a deep breath. How does it smell? What do you smell?

Open your eyes. 

What do you see?

Look around.


Notice what’s behind your head —without turning around. Feel.

What do you sense behind you?

Now take a breath. How’s your breathing? Inhale deeply; all the way down to your sit-bone, at the end of your spine. Let Prana fill you. Let it be effortless.

Let it be.

When you exhale let go fully. Exhale everything out.

No need to hold anything in.

Notice again what you see, look around. Note the shape, color and texture of things. How do they feel, how do you feel?

Relaxed muscles, not holding onto any tension. This moments has all of your attention. Grant it your breath, consistent and breezy. 

Let it all out. Let it all in. 

Breath easy.


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