a poem about meditation:

Meditation is not reflection,

meditation is not flow,

meditation is re-connection;

reconnection to your mind, body and soul.

Your Soul is not your thoughts.

…your thoughts may not even be yours.

You are but the listener, the mere perceiver, the observer.

Are you listening?

Your mind is saying…

You are not your mind, it is solely a part of you. You are not your thoughts, they are clouds, sometimes they come and sometimes they go.

You are not your feelings, they are energy, they fuel you, they are mere tools —they help you navigate existence, but remember who’s in control.

It’s not the talker or the thinker or the thoughts inside your head.

Listen closely, oh so closely, you will hear your Soul instead.

It beats inside you, it breaths in Life.

One last thing it’s just your body yet it’s a magnificent thing for it’s your vehicle for this existence and it helps to navigate your Being.

—by deydreaming.com (permission to post obtained)

Live your Present

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