How the CoronaVirus impacts the Human soul.

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I don’t watch the news, I gave up on them a long time ago cause I realized just how NEGATIVE they were. I didn’t want to practice negativity; people get better at what they practice so I stopped listening to the negative news.

A few weeks into the corona virus, after slowly seeing each and everyone of my local and favorite activities being shut down. I decided to read up on corona virus news.

Biggest mistake, as I was reading I started developing the symptoms then I calmed down and realized it was all in my head…having to calm myself down has been EFFORT.

Everywhere I look people are sporting FEAR. My mind goes bonkers, I see a person wearing a face mask and I wonder, are they sick? Should I be running away from them? They’re gonna contaminate my body! Then I have to calm my monkey mind down.

It’s so much Effort…

I see the empty restaurants and buildings, the empty highways and streets, should I be MORE alarmed?

The answer is NO. People are taking precaution and that’s okay. Some people are  focused on Fear and that’s okay too.

I am trying to focus on the opposite. And That makes me feel better. I am grateful for my healthy body and soul. I am grateful that my mind is not letting itself get boggled down by negative stuff. I am thankful that I am actively seeking and bathing in tranquility and peace of mind. I am thankful that I am keeping conscious and nourishing my soul, instead of getting lost in the waterfall of ALERTING news.

They just don’t stop.

We can dig deeper into the down-whirl spiral. Or, we can lift ourselves up. The virus is happening, and just like any other common cold we must take precaution; precaution means washing hands, sneezing/coughing into elbows, not getting too close to people or be in large crowds. That’s it.

That’s allll precaution is. It is NOT fueling negativity. It is not scaring the masses.

The truth is that this virus is not the most harmful. We are lucky that Nature only developed a cold like sickness that becomes deadly to very few people. Nature could’ve developed something WORSE.

Nature can do anything, and I’m sure Nature is tired of how we are treating it, so it’s a wonder that it hasn’t done anything worse. Perhaps it is our time to learn NOW.

How to be more mindful of Nature?

How to work better with Nature?

How to improve mega city hygiene?

How to improve communities among people?

What else is Nature trying to gently teach us?

We are mere mortals, we are meant to die. In fact people die every minute of everyday, so this virus is just Nature doing its thing.

People don’t wanna die because they don’t FULLY live. Fully living takes courage, lots of effort, and communion with Nature. How many of us are fully living, in FAITH, not fear?

How many of us are ready to die,  not because we don’t wanna live another day but because we live so FULLY, there is no baggage.

I do not hold on to Fear. I do not hold on to Pain. I do not hold on to Panic. I fully embrace LIVING.

What are YOU fully embracing???

Thanks for reading. Namaste.


27 signs that you are emotionally sick.

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We are human, humans have feelings. We, as humans, have all gotten our feelings hurt. At one point or another, in our lives we’ve all experience some sort of emotional trauma. Whether it was caused by a parent, a sibling, a family member, a friend, a significant other or even a completely stranger —some things certain people say or do have the potentiality to really do us some deep emotional harm.If these emotional tears go untreated they may leave unwanted emotional scars. Emotional scars aren’t visible, like physical scars, but they are evident in other ways. Here are 27 signs that something, someone said or did, hurt you emotionally and you’ve not healed properly or fully.

Here are 27 signs you have un-dealt with emotional trauma.

  1. You complain a lot.
  2. You carry UNWANTED weight.
  3. You constantly limit yourself.
  4. You cry a lot.
  5. You don’t follow your dreams.
  6. You neglect your ideas, your “epiphanies”
  7. You are a victim of the things that happen around you.
  8. Things happen to you.
  9. You blame others.
  10. You don’t take matters into your own hands.
  11. You accept things as they are.
  12. You don’t believe things can get better.
  13. You shy away from success.
  14. You don’t believe your own goals and dreams are attainable.
  15. You dim your light.
  16. You don’t believe in yourself.
  17. You neglect yourself.
  18. You put others happiness above your own.
  19. You feel like you owe everything to others.
  20. You don’t take pride in your own accomplishments.
  21. You fool yourself.
  22. You don’t open your heart.
  23. You hold your breath, a lot.
  24. You don’t breath easy.
  25. You have a stick up your bum, you clench it tight.
  26. You don’t let go.
  27. You don’t speak up.

Emotional trauma doesn’t have to haunt you forever.

You CAN heal.

Shine your heart, speak up, be LOUD. Only the truest you can thrive.

Take the next step to notice how your Self is doing. Take sometime to rekindle with your Self. Gift your Self your Present. start here