A morning video to ease you into action.

Watch this video everyday. Make it part of your am ritual. Wake up slowly. Empower yourself.

Remind yourself everyday.

Everyday is a blessing. There is no separation from God, Source, the Universe. We are eternally connected to All That Is. It is all around us.

Nature knows best.

Let it quench you. Let it fill you. Let it defragment all the excess. Let go of that which no longer serves you. You know it doesn’t serve you when it pains you. If it crippled your soul that is not good pain.

Bear the good pain. Because

This is not a life of avoiding pain. This is a life of embracing Life. Life, with all of its ebbs and flows. Life, with all of its climate. We are not the weather, We are but mere observers of the storm, of the clouds, or a clear blue sky.Aren’t snow days beautiful? What about the magic of thunder storms? We seek not to have endless days of summer, nor do we long for longer winters we strive for harmony. We strive for mindfulness. We strive for that which cannot be seen.

Nature is the closest thing we have to God.

Outside, and our own inner nature. There is nothing wrong with us. Nothing needs to be fixed. We just let nature take its course; keep your sails high with the wind and lower them when it storms. Take some time to rest. Listen to your body and the world around it. Look at yourself from the outside. Hug yourself. Love on yourself. Appreciate yourself. Isn’t it lovely the vessel you chose to travel with you on this human journey?

Your Soul thinks so that’s why it chose You.

Embrace each-other. Acknowledge the other is there. Share your gratitude. Be harmonious. Inside then outside doesn’t matter, all troubles falls apart. Because the war is within the Self. There is no need to battle yourself. Accept they are just thoughts. Trained Synapses. Re-train them. Practice seeing things differently. Only you have the power to evolve yourself.

Dare you try?

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