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“I do things in accordance to the divine plan I am in harmony with Divine Intelligence therefore I need not worry, stress, or overthink anything. I blessed this situation and no longer resist, I let go and I flow.

I trust that I am on the right path for I am under Grace not under law. I gracefully accept my blessings. I am thankful.

I forgive and I no longer resist for I am in accordance with Gods law, traveling the divine path. I am in harmony with the Divine Intelligence.
I love and honor myself. This life, and everything around me”

Why should I meditate everyday? 


You fully know, or at least you heard that meditation is good for you. It’s good to meditate everyday but you never really have the time for it —not consistently anyways.

After all how much can you really get out of merely sitting still…for a really long time.

the Benefits of meditation are plentiful.

First of all, the type of meditation you’re practicing matters. You receive different benefits depending on things like, what you hear when you’re meditating or what you see. Your focus matters, nevertheless the underlying reward is the same: meditation purifies the mind.

Meditation cleans your brain.

Think of it this way, over time, as humans living in the 21h century we’ve become accustomed to things like 24/7 on demand shopping. With luxuries such as that some of us have accumulated a lot of physical stuff. Many of us tend to clean and organize that physical junk because we can see it. The psychological stuff is harder to see, but it still builds up and it is exceptionally important that we clean and organize it as well.

We may still be holding on to the most random things simply because they may have hurt our feelings…a long, long, long time ago. Sometimes the things we hold better suited for donation, or the garbage.

But first we must observe our mind, our thoughts, our feelings.

…what are feelings anyways?

And, who is perceiving these feelings?

If any of this doesn’t make sense to you that’s okay. Mediation will answer everything.

Daily meditation is a lifelong journey, a fun one. The best tool for us to fully enjoy this human adventure.

By meditating you get to hangout with yourSelf, and cleanse your mind at the same time!

At one point you may get to the point where you’re perceiving the perceiver. But to get to the point where your mind is clutter free, you have to keep house, you have to clean it everyday.

All the while I’m saying “have” I mean that you get to. 

When you practice daily meditation you get to live a more harmonious life. A life where emotions don’t rule your life. A life where you get to experience every moment and get the most out of it.

That’s the real benefit of meditation. Daily practice is the best gift you could give your Present.